Fear of Challenges

Some of the items in this book would definitely peak my anxiety scale and worst, possibly give me a heart attack. That would certainly be the end of this challenge, wouldn’t it?! Other items were very interesting, some I have only ever read about in books. Some, I have already accomplished. Some just seem like they should never be on a Bucket List because they don’t seem challenging at all.

The worst of my fears would be challenged by events like wearing a snake around my neck (#67), jumping out of an airplane (#1), and getting hypnotized (#17). After all, I did make up my own snake dance one day when I opened up my back door and watched one quickly slither away. My heart was pounding at 1000 beats per second at that very moment. I hate to fly in airplanes when I travel. It’s cramped, smelly, and the seats are very uncomfortable. I can’t forget to mention that I always seem to get seated by the one person that wants to talk my head off the entire ride-when all I want to do is sleep or read a good book. That should be enough for me to want to jump out of one. Yeah, that’s not the case! After all, it is a perfectly well designed machine that can take me anywhere I want to go. And who wants to get hypnotized?! You have no idea what you are doing at that moment. People can make you do the most ridiculous things. Or worse, what if something happens to the person that hypnotized you and you are stuck that way forever? Ok, so obviously, I have no idea of how hypnotism works but seriously, think about it!

Some of the things I found quite interesting…Learn a new language (#6), but I can barely speak my native English language or memorize all the bones in the body. I often make up my own words. I am surprised my husband has not started a dictionary of all my made up words! Learning another language, interesting as it may be, probably not in my deck of cards to play. Attend a Séance (#27), interesting, it is but I would have to know what one is and what it entails before I commit to this activity. Then there is always, Participate in an Open Mic Night (#50). The only problem is, I can’t even sing in the shower, let alone in front of a bunch of people I don’t know. Carry a tune…doves would certainly cry. My Uncle Arthur can surely attest to that! Let’s just say he will never view karaoke the same.

I have accomplished several of these task already. For instance, take a cruise (#2). Does it count if you’ve only been on cruises (AKA, deployments) conducted on a US naval vessel? That counts for something. Right? I could sign that one off multiple times. I am sure my husband would disagree considering he is a stickler for details. I could use that to my advantage and he will just have to schedule a cruise. Preferably some place warm like the Caribbean! I have also ridden in a helicopter (#14) while transiting from Bahrain to that cruise ship at sea. Just so you know, the cruise ship is that naval vessel I mentioned. Again, I don’t think my husband would count this as being complete…maybe he will let this one slide. The one I am most proud of completing is, running in a Marathon and finishing (20). I was part of a great team and had a couple of amazing coachs. It was hard work but well worth the effort I put in. It gave me the opportunity to meet some of the most fabulous, awesome, and amazing people. But we can talk about that experience later on, as this story progresses…


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