April – Developing Entrepreneurship

I have always wanted to own a business. I wanted to be successful at something and have something to call my own. I have jumped into many opportunities; some without thinking of the long term effect. My first entrepreneurial opportunity was with Beach Body. Then there was Mary Kay. Then Melaluaka. Then Beach Body again. I even tried to sell things on apps like LetGo and Offer Up. I tried eBay. None of those organizations seemed to work for me.

For the most part, I am not a skilled seller. I do not like to haggle for a good deal and certainly do not like to be cheated by people that want good quality products for nothing. Beach Body and Mary Kay required the ability and fortitude to randomly call people to ask if they would be interested in a product. This in no way suits my personality.  I must disclose that I am still currently a Beach Body coach. I like the products they offer. I am just not good at promoting it. I keep my circle small, so to be successful at it, I would have to widen it significantly.

If you don’t build your dream, someone  will hire you to help build theirs.  ~ Tony Gaskin

Apps and websites like LetGo, Offer Up, and eBay require the time to snap pictures, upload to a website, and add descriptions with the hopes that it will entice someone to want to buy them. In the end, you may get $1 for the item you might have asked $15 for. The time spent does not equate to a profit; especially if you are willing to deliver or ship an item.

Maybe, just maybe, I failed at those endeavors because I wasn’t passionate enough about them. I did not promote them. If I am being perfectly honest, I was afraid people would judge me for trying to sell these products. But who am kidding? People are going to judge no matter what!

I had to come up with something that I was passionate about. Something, I could do for fun; something I enjoyed. I had to take the money out of the equation and figure out what I wanted! I took the first step in 2016 and earned my Personal Training Certification. I realized that my passion lies within helping those around me. I wanted to help them realize they could achieve what they felt was the impossible…to live a healthy life, to feel good about who they are, and surpass any challenge put in front of them. My particular Personal Training Certification required me to complete an internship. I was graciously accepted by the YMCA and later became employed as one of their Wellness Coaches. I continue to work there part-time.

My husband retired from the military in April 2017. He is by far better at the fitness world than I am. I love it! I love helping people find new ways of working out that will challenge their strength, agility, and core fitness. But he is a beast! I talked him into getting his personal training certification because I could see the passion in him. I knew it would provide a greater focus for him.

So I am happy to announce my newest business adventure; a true entrepreneurship! 214 Fitness! My husband and I are both veterans. Therefore, 214 Fitness is a veteran owned small business. At the end of any military career, regardless of time spent in, the veteran receives a DD Form 214 that details their career. Hence, the birth of 214 Fitness. In addition, our two sons currently serve in the military. The name is fitting all around!

Setting up your own business is a true challenge and a struggle. It can be daunting and exciting and frustrating at the same time. Fear! Fear of the unknown! Will it be successful? Will it be just another adventure that I fail at? Will people really want to invest in my services? If they do invest in my services, will they enjoy it? Is there someone out that I can make a true impact on? How can I make my fitness different from all the others currently out there? These are all the questions (and more!) that float through my head as I make a check mark off my “To Do” List.

We set up the EIN number. Registered for a business bank account. Obtained a website domain that still needs to be set up. Now what? Where do we go from here? We still need a logo and my creative brain is on hiatus. We need website content. That takes clients that I have not yet acquired. Social media! I hate the idea of having use social media! I only get on Facebook when I receive a messenger notification. Media and advertising…still need the logo and content. I feel like I am in this vicious never-ending circle. I’m excited…yet afraid!


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