The Not-So-Scary Ferris Wheel

May’s Challenge…Ride a Ferris Wheel (#301). My husband and I were about to drive through the Downtown tunnel in Norfolk, Virginia when he noticed this huge Ferris Wheel across the way. You know it must be huge for him to see it as he is literally blind in one eye and limited vision in the other.

I looked up the information for the Ferris Wheel. It is operated by SkyStar. It is a nearly 15 stories high; equaling almost 137 feet high. This would peak my fear meter for sure because I can’t even climb onto the roof of my house to remove the growing pine trees from the gutters. I also found out that it is not called a “ferris wheel” rather an “observation wheel”. What is the difference between the two? You tell me. For the sake of my blog, it will be called a Ferris Wheel because that is what I envisioned I would be riding!

I thought this would be the perfect May Challenge. I have never ridden in a Ferris Wheel. All day, I envisioned us on this Ferris Wheel. I was going to ride this huge Ferris Wheel and it was going to be extremely scary.  It was going to go around fast and there was wind and people were screaming.

Okay, so maybe that only happens in the movies! What actually happened?! It was enclosed! What Ferris Wheel is enclosed? How can you get the feel of the wind? Where is the romantic vibe you get when you are with the one you love (or for some, the one you dream of being with)? Maybe that is why it is called an “Observation” Wheel!

There was no wind to provide the fear factor and it was slow…almost to a crawl. Even in the movies there was a little wind. There was cotton candy. There was hand holding and kissing! There was none of that! Well, maybe there would have been some kissing had my 20 year old son not been in the cart with us. I’m sure it would not have been pleasant for him to watch his parents make out.

I think I was most afraid when we were buying the tickets. I did not get that frightening feeling I thought I would have. Although, the price of those tickets was pretty frightening. It was not romantic by any means. It was rather disappointing.

I critiqued my ride to my husband whom laughed at me with a chuckle. I am sure he was thinking that I watch way too many movies. It was evident that he had been on a few Ferris Wheels because he told me they are not designed to go fast and there usually is no wind.

This definitely taught me that not all challenges have to be scary. It opened up a whole other aspect to my Life List Challenge. Now instead of fearing that all my challenges will be frightening…I am open to the prospect that they will be more fun and relaxing without all the fear!


2 thoughts on “The Not-So-Scary Ferris Wheel

  1. Such a great post! The difference between a Ferris wheel and an observation wheel is just what you commented about. Observation wheels are enclosed and go much slower so people don’t have wind and outside elements affecting their “observing” which is why it is enclosed. And it goes much slower so you have time to look around 360 degrees. Ferris wheels are open and go faster, but don’t fret, not much faster 😜. I love the blog!

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    1. Thank you for the clarification. I guess I am still on hook for experiencing a “Ferris” Wheel! Humm, maybe, I should be looking for a County Fair to explore…


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