How It All Began

Bucket List

Thanks for joining me! I hope that you will find the following pages intriguing, yet inspiring enough to start your own Life List Challenge. Create your own journey, write your own biography for the life you lead. May it be ever so adventurous!

So my story begins…

In January 2018, I came across the book, My Ultimate Bucket List by Piccadilly, while strolling through the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. I decided it would be a cool book to thumb through as I enjoyed a cup of Starbuck’s coffee with my husband. I shared some of the items listed with him and discovered he had done most of what I rattled off. I began to feel like I was leading a boring life, sheltered from experiences that most people dream of doing.

Realizing, there was no real reason why I could not create some real experiences in my life, I had to ask myself, WHY was I not? What was preventing me from accomplishing my own bucket list or LIFE LIST? Especially since a lot of the challenges I had already set for myself was right here in this book! The answer? Really, it is quite simple…FEAR!

I was inspired by this book! It was an inspiration to conquer all the challenges I had set for myself. I decided it was time for me to jump out of my comfort zone and mark off items from my own Life List. After all, who wants a “Bucket List”. Those are only for the dying, right? I have no intentions of doing that any time soon. It’s not on my Life List or Bucket List for that matter. I had to some how overcome this FEAR…maybe it would help me beat this built up anxiety of leading a boring life. Maybe it would help me to overcome the bouts of depression that seemed to, at times, engulf my entire being. So the challenge was set! I would mark at least one activity off my Life List each month. In fact, I have enlisted the help of my friend, Karen, to get through some of the toughest challenges. She is so much braver than I. She fears NOTHING! Feel free to join me in these challenges as well…Who’s up to a challenge?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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