June: Some Challenges are Not Planned

This blog post has been sent to Drafts upon the request of Victor Habgood’s lawyer. However, I reserve the right to republish this post in the future. 

I do feel there are some things I need to address. 

  1. To Mr. Victor Habgood: in response to his comment…

“Victor Habgood commented on Some Challenges are not Planned

Remodeling gone wrong! 

Careful. Specify which victor habgood you’re referencing, there are several. Sorry about your experience though.”

Thank you for your comment Victor. I understand your concern about being associated under this name. There are many people with the name Victor Habgood. However, I am only aware of one that is connected with Veteran’s Home Remodeling that was located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I made sure to include that so that people would be fully aware of the business and the location. I hope that helps to clarify the person of subject in this post.

2. To Mark Rogers: in response to your comment…

Mark Rogers commented on Some Challenges are not Planned

Remodeling gone wrong! 

What vacation and what RV? This is not a correct statement. Businesses fail and this was no exception. You act like this was intended, like they wanted the company to lose 400,000 in 6 months. Remember they have you recorded not allowing the superintendent to even come look at what your complaint was. Sorry for your experience and yes there is provisions to get your money as we have sent you in several letters. Our law office is standing by still.”

While, I do not want to argue or create any further disturbance on this matter, I would like to address your statements.

Since you have brought to my attention that the vacation and RV is heresy, should I decide to republish the blog in the future, I will create an excerpt to acknowledge that fact.

I am aware that businesses fail but had Victor honored the contract we signed and completed the work within the timeframe on the contract, we would not be in this situation. I provided enough money in advance that materials should not have been an issue. His ability to lose “400,000 in 6 months” is not of my concern. He was the one that mismanaged his business. If he did not have the means to complete the jobs he obligated himself to then he should have never committed to them in the first place. 

As to the recording you speak of, if there is such a recording, I am not aware of it but would not be surprised that one would exist. Since you know of such recording, had you listened to it then you would understand why I refused to allow him back in my home to create further damage. However, this recording would have been recorded during my last conversation with him in April. Mind you, this was TWO months after my job was supposed to be completed. After many excuses as to why the job was not being completed, materials were not being received, and after I had sent him a letter dissolving our contract with a list of discrepancies and pictures to both his residence and his place of business. In regards to not allowing him to come and look at my complaints, he had already seen them when he came to install the shower head that didn’t work properly after HIS install! I am sure that if you had been in this situation, you would not be so supportive. 

Finally, I have NOT received any such letters from you, his current lawyer, the law office stated in your email, or Victor himself! I tried to send you an email to inform you of such and your email has been rejected. I tried to call the office you say you are attached to and was informed that a Mark Rogers does not work there. You have my contact information. I will be standing by to receive the information. 

Good Day, All!