January Challenge – Donate to a Worthy Cause

So time had gotten away from me. Before I knew, it was the last day of the month and I still had not completed my first challenge. The January Challenge was just waiting and looming over my head. It’s all I could think about the entire day. I had to choose an event that I could accomplish easily because I had to work one job and rush to the next with only 30 minutes between. All day, I pondered what challenges I could do before mid-night. I had to find something that was quick, yet stress-free! I thumbed through the book at various times throughout the day. The challenge consumed almost my every thought. I even discussed my options with my co-workers and friends.

I could not decide between setting up a blog (#37) that will run for one year (hopefully longer), quickly finding a snake to wear around my neck (#67), or donating to the Polar Plunge as a Worthy Donation (#87). The latter would have settled two activities because I would make a donation in January and participate in February.

Since I truly am computer illiterate, I decided it would take more time than I actually had to set up a website for a blog and then to actually create the blog. That activity was now off the table.  As for the snake, I am not mentally prepared to handle that just yet. The pure fear factor of that would leave me incapable of handling any situation that may arise while on duty at the YMCA. I am severely, in the most extreme way, terrified of ALL snakes. I always have been and truly do not know why. Then there was the Polar Plunge. I am so tired of being cold at this point in winter, the last thing I wanted to do was jump into the freezing cold ocean on a beach with even more freezing cold wind. The only thing I truly want to do, in the winter, is curl up in a nice warm blanket and hibernate until Spring.

So what challenge did I decide on?….I decided I would Donate to a Worthy Cause. So with little time to spare, I made the donation to the American Diabetes Associations for their Tour de Cure event being held on April 28, 2018. I must admit that I donated to an organization that I am already sponsoring. This would help me meet the $200 minimum to ride in the 100 mile event. I am giving back to an organization that promotes education on a disease that has afflicted members of my family. I had a great-grandmother that lost her limbs to diabetes, a neighbor that was so generous to our family by providing us a place to live for low rent when we had no money and no place to go, and an uncle that eventually succumbed to a heart attack at the young age of 45.

I encourage everyone to donate because it is a very worthy cause in which so many people are affected by this disease. That is why I am dedicated to a fundraising goal of $2500 for participating in the 100 mile event. That is just $25 per mile. I am confident that I will be successful because there are lots of generous people out there that believe in this cause as much as I do!


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